After my studies, I started right away as an Innovation Center Marketeer for Unilever on Dove and then Knorr, so already during my time as a trainee I inhaled a sophisticated brand attitude with my “early professional years mother milk”. And even before, as Unilever “Learning & Earning”-apprentice, the Unilever brands and brands in general were my world. Actually, I always wanted to do brands. Later on, for Dräger, high end brand purposes and values continued my professional imprint.

Today, I must say that I am utterly proud to be a “Markenkind” (“brand child” literally translated) with all this integrated and effervescing passion and love for brands in general. Brands create and therefore go deep into the insights and dig deep to find out about the needs of their target groups, they research, support and extract the “zeitgeist”, they listen, comfort and indulge. They are keen on making your personal life better every day, in which way ever. Of course, you pay a price for it. True. Innovation and creation is generally more expensive than copying.

Discovering the #ZusammenGegenCorona Campaign in December 2021,, initiated by Antoni, an agency focussing on brand focus, which started as an exclusive agency for Mercedes Benz and then Katjes and is situated in Berlin, made me proud again of being part of a “brandful” way of thinking for a lifetime. The campaign, where brands in Germany adapted their logo and / or brand claim in order to support the “Let’s get vaccinated”-Community, is supported by more than 1000 brands and companies until now. It started with 150 and went up to more than 1000 within just 4 days. This is power, altogether even if in real life they are sometimes competitors and tend to “not like” each other.

The BILD Zeitung, Germany’s most circulated newspaper, decided to feature the participating brands on their most valuable real estate: pages 2 and 3, as well as their web banners and on social media -all free of charge. Even Angela Merkel’s successor, chancellor Olaf Scholz, is supporting the initiative. Over 1.000 brands have joined the movement in the first four days. And this is just the beginning.” (extract from Antoni’s homepage)

Great job! Love it! Thanks for being focussed, passionate and true brand lovers! Thanks to all the brands supporting this initiative. #youmademydecember .

Yours Maren


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