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“Sports & Diabetes”

– Korrektorat dt. Sprache des Comics & des Leitfadens –

(Berücksichtigung der “Language Matters”-Initiative)

“The main objective of this project, coherently with the mission of the Multisport clubs and other partners involved, is to ENCOURAGE SOCIAL INCLUSION AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN SPORT in harmony with the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity and in line with the EU Physical Activity Guidelines.

(…) A lot of children stop doing sports when they are diagnosed with diabetes type 1 due to various reasons. Predominantly, it is either the fear of the parents or the lack of knowledge of coaches and teacher on how to handle children with diabetes.

The project aims to create a comprehensive handbook that quickly educates all stakeholders and enables all children with diabetes to do or continue sport activities. The project stands for the equal access to sport for all, through the inclusion of young persons with diabetes into sport clubs, with the main goal of showing to everyone that they are as capable of participating in all sport activities and reaching the standards and goals that every other person who doesn’t have diabetes can achieve.”


“Worte sind Fenster” (März 2023)

– Reflektion über das Wörtchen “MUSS” –

Blood Sugar Lounge

“JA-PED Lübeck” (Nov 2022)

– Ein persönliches Resümee –

Blood Sugar Lounge

“Nonie blickt’s”

– Kolumne letzte Seite –

Diabetes Eltern Journal Dez 2022 (S. 30)

(Anm.: ab jetzt in jeder Ausgabe (4x pro Jahr))

“HoHo Hölle”

– Adventszeit mit Typ 1 Diabetes –

Diabetes Ratgeber 12/22 (S. 52-55)

(Anm.: wird von der Redaktion eigenständig final redigiert)

ISPAD 10/22 Abu Dhabi

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ISPAD 10/22 Abu Dhabi

virtuelle Teilnahme als

#dedoc voice

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